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When it comes to traditional water tanks, the ones built with PETE, Polyethylene often allows the temperature of the water to be regulated due to the outside temperature.

While in summer, there usually is no such need of cooled water for bathing, laundry and washing the utensils, the need for hot or even normal temperature water is immensely needed in the winter season.

If you live in areas where the sub-zero temperature is common, then you definitely need to apply our coating on the water tanks. This coating is helpful in keeping a standard water temperature during both the summer and winter seasons.

The coated tank keeps the water at normal temperatures in the winter seasons and therefore, less electricity is eventually needed to heat the water for various purposes. This provides considerable savings on electricity.

Since the traditional tanks are made up of the polymer, the combination with hot scorching water can be deadly. Needless to say, such hot water is a cancer-causing agent. With the innovative technology developed by Temp- pro, the water inside the tank will not able to able absorb heat from outside, thereby keeping the water safe for normal usage.

Looking to change your water storage tank to save electricity in winter? Call us to enquire at +91 – 9214111888 and +91-9351919196. We are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


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