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It is estimated that nearly 20% of domestic electricity is used for heating water. The number is even higher for commercial usage. While a no. of things is quickly turning to solar, as it is renewable source of energy, rarely do people buy solar electric geysers.

With the help of our solar electric geyser, you can save a considerable energy. Since solar energy is available in abundance, therefore, you can easily save a lot on your electricity bills. Moreover, our solar panels provide high efficiency of 80%.

If you live in a country like India, you can easily save 90% on your electricity bill. You will also be amongst the few who care about the carbon footprints in today’s scenario.

You would be happy to know that in many parts of India, the government provides subsidies ranging from 30% to 60% across India for adopting the solar powered infrastructure. Our solar electric geysers are just a small initiative in the giant vision of making India Solar powered.

Looking to buy highly efficient Solar Electric Geysers which will have little to no maintenance? Call us to enquire at +91 – 9214111888 and +91-9351919196. We are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


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