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The presence of too much calcium, magnesium and fluoride is the main reason for hard water. The hard water can cause serious problems such as scale build-up in the pipes and white film on the glass surfaces. With hard water, a large quantity is needed for laundry than in the case of normal water.

At Desertsolarindia, we offer a wide range of water softeners plant in India for both residential and commercial usage that can avoid costly and irreversible damage to the boilers.

We offer chemical water softeners, packaged water softeners, precipitating and non- precipitating water softeners.

Why opt for Water softeners from DesertSolarIndia?

Our water softeners plant has the features of automatic regeneration, reduction of scales. They are also lightweight and highly compact. Very easy to use and consumes very low power for both home and commercial usage. The presence of anti-corrosive parts ensures that there will be affordable maintenance charges.

Varied applications of the Water Softener plant?

Our water softener plants can cater to the following industries

  1. Hospitals and hotels
  2. Laundries
  3. Dyeing process
  4. Product finishing
  5. Chemical and textile industries
  6. Food processing
  7. Beverage production
  8. Water power plants
  9. Cooling tower make-up

Looking to buy high-quality water softener plants with little maintenance? Call us to enquire at +91 – 9214111888 and +91-9351919196. Our factory office is located in Jaipur.


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