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With the availability of 300W, 400W 500W, 720W, 1000, 2000 watt, 3000 watts & 4000, our LED high mast lights can be installed in a multitude of public places such as in-stadium, parking lots, airports, tennis and badminton courts, football fields and etc.

Our LED Stadium high mast lights can be fixed to the electrical poles of up to 60 meters in height. With the charging from renewable energy like the sun, you can cut down the electricity costs to a great margin.

The LED allows you to save nearly 75% energy with the replacement of metal halide and nearly 90% for the halogen retrofit.

Our LED Stadium High Mast Light is expected to last for 3 decades with an average of 7 hours’ usage per day. The optics are of the finest quality that reduces the light attenuation to a great extent. One can acquire our LED lighting for MH, halogen or sodium retrofit. We also take orders for 5000W LED floodlights. If you are looking for reliable, long-lasting LED Stadium High Mast Light, then give us a call at +91 – 9214111888 and +91-9351919196. Our factory office is located in Jaipur.


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