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A large chunk of electricity is mainly consumed by industries across the world. With the rising cost of electricity, it only makes sense for the industries to cut down their costs wherever possible. One such area is the Industrial RO systems that can be solar powered without compromising on their primary purpose of purifying the water for safe consumption.

Industries, corporates, and enterprises employ thousands of employees and require safe water for varying needs. Traditional Industrial RO systems are required to serve safe and hygiene water for not only quenching the thirst but to also use them as a solvent for a variety of purposes. At Desert Solar India, we offer state of the art Industrial RO systems that can yields water for all sorts of industrial requirements.

Our Solar Powered Industrial RO systems can easily take of such requirements through their automatic and semi-automatic functioning. The RO capacity hovers around 1000 LPH which can easily cater to the need of small and medium-size industries.

The Solar Powered Industrial RO systems can effectively remove the hardness and contaminants, particulates. The combination of a water softener with a sediment filter offers a perfect solution for removing excess minerals in the feed water.

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