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High mast poles are cost-effective and allow for easy installation. They are perfectly appropriate for pedestrian use, storage, and transportation. Desert Solar India offers a broad range of high mast poles that offers simplicity for a variety of purposes.

Our high mast poles offer supreme lighting without any labor-intensive re-lamping needed. Clients from various industries rely on our state of the art manufactured high mast poles that are eco-friendly. We offer them in a gamut of appealing designs along with superior functionality.

Customers can buy our high mast poles in varying degrees of sizes and specifications depending on their required use, the budget, and the quality of the material. They are built from high end and sophisticated materials, machines, and tools and are worth their price. They are capable of illuminating the areas like parking lots, stadiums, rural lighting projects, to and fro carrying of objects in dockyards and more.

The high mast poles are built with heat sink designs that regulate the thermal variation at different times of the year. Poles can be of GI Tubular or Octagonal depending on the requirement. To inquire more about High mast poles from Desert Solar India, give us a call at – 9214111888 and +91-9351919196.


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