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Pumps are becoming an inevitable part of our households as they allow in the hassle-free flow of water. The rise in costs of diesel and electricity is worrisome for the average income households. Traditional pumps work on electricity and diesel which are not only non-renewable but also comes at the expense of polluting the air we breathe. The solution is to find safe and clean renewable sources for the pumps and looks like the technology has been devised for a feasible product that solves the problem.

Here comes our Desert Solar Pumps. Made with state of the art technology, it offers an extremely cheaper alternative for powering the pump. This is especially helpful for the farmers, where irrigating the fields requires a superior flow of large quantity of water, especially at unpredicted times of delayed rain.

Our solar pumps have a rugged design and offer an easy installation. They can work without the need for any electricity grid. Very easy to operate and can deliver water at mighty force, thereby allowing you to push a large quantity of water with superior force.

At Desert Solar Pumps, we offer the retail price of the solar pumps with and without warranty. Customers can choose a warranty for 1 and 5 years at a very nominal price. To inquire more about this product, give us a call at +91 – 9214111888 and +91-9351919196.


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