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When it comes to alkaline water, it offers numerous benefits to our body. The scientific fraternity firmly believes that acidic water damages the cell and DNA, which in turn quickens up the aging along with increasing the likelihood of arthritis, cancer, damages your teeth and can even choke your plumbing system. And therefore, serious emphasis is now being put forth to include more and more alkaline water in our daily life.

Here comes the Alkaline Water Ionizer. Built with the efficient purifier of the acidic water, it yields germ-free, safe, clean water for your family at the right PH level of 7. It also eliminates the chemical and physical impurities also.

Most of our food is rich in acidic substances and the body needs to have the right balance of both Acidic-alkaline environments. In scenarios when the composition of the internal environment becomes more acidic, the body tries to overcome it by extracting the alkaline reserves from the bone and teeth.

Built with the trust of Japanese innovation, the remarkable feature of this Alkaline water ionizer comes with solar-powered technology. The perfect PH water output is rich in Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium and hydrates you at a cellular level. You will also enjoy a tremendous shift in your mental and physical energy owing to the superior quenching of your thirst at a cellular level.



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