Our Objective Is To Help You:

  • Analyze your total building electrical usage.
  • Report potential reductions in total electrical consumption versus the cost of implementing proposed recommendations.
  • Determine the quantity of electricity that will be saved when you implement the following options.

Duct Sealing

Test with duct blaster and smoke test to determine the location and quantity of system leaks. Goal is to reduce leakage to zero.

Pipe Insulation

Insulate hot water pipes and water heater to improve efficiency.

Building Envelope Sealing

Perform blower door test that reveals leaks in the building envelope. Sealing these leaks increases energy savings and indoor air quality.

Window Replacement

Upgrade windows to dual-paned low-E windows to reduce air and noise infiltration and reduce energy consumption.


Determine type and quantity required.

Controls and Sensors

Analyze existing settings and recommend timers, sensors and control units that control building lighting, night signage, parking lot lighting, timers, variable speed motor drives, HVAC Energy Management systems and motor controls.

Day lighting

Installation of skylights and solar light tubes that reduce electrical usage.

Hot Water Systems

Installation of solar or Tankless (Flash) Hot-Water Heaters.

Lighting Retrofits

Analyze existing lighting systems and make recommendations for retrofit units when the replacement of existing lights will reduce energy consumption.

Renewable Energy

Design and install photovoltaic systems that eliminate or greatly reduce your electricity costs.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Analyze usage patterns and requirements. Equip building with energy management controls.